Entrepreneurship/Multipreneurship Framework: Another drawing board (...in images this time)

The Entrepreneurship Case ....

The Research Process

The interrogatives diamond in scientific research

Differences between perception and reality along four dimensions

The Individual Entrepreneur

Systems representation of the environmental influences of an individual

Influence circles in the evolution of entrepreneurs

Influence circles in communication process

Individual with small family influence

Individual isolated from the global economy

Internal Capital

Internal capital as a network of traits

Hierarchy of needs for different individuals

Flow of satisfaction of needs

Internal capital and networked attributes

Internal capital exchanges in a market setting

The market terrain from the perspective of entrepreneurship

External Capital and Market process

Entrepreneurship though supply and demand of internal capital

Multipreneuring with supply and demand streams

The Discovery Process

Breadth-first search in the opportunity space

Depth-first search in the opportunity space

Browsing in the opportunity space

Heuristic search in the opportunity space

The Exploitation Process

Entrepreneurial network with internal capital in market space

Opportunity exploitation

Established venture in the form of supply and demand flows

Entrepreneurial firm formation timeline

The Multipreneurship Case ....

Converting opportunities to supply and demand streams

Multipreneurhip model


Harkiolakis, N., Multipreneurship: Diversification in Times of Crisis, Gower Publishers, London, 2014

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