Leadership Framework: Another drawing board (...again in images)

The Individual

Internal capital as a network of traits

From stimuli to behavior

Hierarchy of needs for different individuals

Hierarchy of needs and interaction with the environment for different individuals

The individual as theoretical construct

From Groups to Organizations

Group Formation

Team Formation


Society or Market View

Organizational Structure

Physical and Social Environment

Competitive View of Organizations

Organizational Structure

Functional Organizational Structurel

Matrix Organizational Structure

Projectized Organizational Structure

Organizational Culture

Organizational Statements

What came first?

Organizational Culture

The Leader

Regions of Influence on Individuals

Regions of Influence from Individuals

Inflow and Outflow of Influence

Spaces of influence from individuals

Directional application of influence from individuals

Interaction of influences

Influences in organizations

The Leadership Process

Influences as forces on individuals

Influences as forces on individuals

Influences on individuals in real settings

Initial position of the leader in the organization

Moving up in middle-management positions

Moving up in executive positions

Moving up in leadership position

Spreading the leadership role


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